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Chewton/Dja Dja Wurrung
3 beds, 2 bathrooms


Architecture by David Noordhoff
for Freeman Group Architects
Built by VR Builders
Photo by Jade Cantwell

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Pyrenees is an environmentally sensitive home in Chewton, a former gold mining town in Central Victoria.

The design draws inspiration from the local vernacular, particularly the humble agricultural buildings that dot the surrounding landscape. It also responds directly to the sun's movements, with striking rooflines pitched to capture the warming winter sun and block out the harsh summer rays.

Careful consideration of materials was paramount in the creation of Pyrenees. Balancing practical necessities with aesthetic desires, the chosen materials not only ensure durability and functionality but also echo the colours of country, seamlessly integrating the structure into its environment.

The architectural journey of Pyrenees was shaped by numerous site-specific challenges, including its historical context, proximity to a busy road, susceptibility to bushfires, and an extreme climate marked by chilling winters and sweltering summers. These challenges were not perceived as obstacles but rather as opportunities. Pyrenees boldly embraces the breathtaking views to Forrest Creek, establishing a profound connection between its inhabitants and the dynamic landscape that surrounds it.


Floor plan