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David Noordhoff is an experienced architectural designer with a keen interest in passive design, sustainability and Building Information Modelling. He has worked at respected architectural practices such as Freeman Group Architects, Martino Leah Architects and Third Voice Studio.

David is conversant with all stages of the architectural process, from feasibility through to completion, and has worked on a large variety of projects from bespoke residences through to medium-scale, multi-unit and commercial developments.

Dave's ability to not only understand but also fulfill the given brief, designing within the scope of our budget while injecting creativity and consistently providing solutions, was excellent.

We couldn't be happier with how the entire process of working with Dave unfolded. From our initial meeting through every step of the concept, design, and build phases, he was professional, down-to-earth, patient, and adaptable, making it an incredibly easy and enjoyable journey for us.

His efficient and exceptional communication with both us and our entire construction team proved incredibly valuable. This ensured that even the minutest details were thoroughly considered and flawlessly executed from the project's inception to its completion. We can't thank him enough for helping bring our home to life.

Erin and Julian


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Holland Home


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